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I want to act in accordance with the law, best practices and standards

International security standards

Ensuring security requires orderly and systematic actions in your company – it applies to processes, human resources and technologies. The experience of many organizations has been put together as the international security standards and norms to help companies and organizations with comprehensive security management. International security norms include:

These requirements are linked by risk based approach (RBA) that allows:

Why should you implement international standards?

Companies use standards to increase security, optimize processes, improve efficiency, skillfully use technology and, as a result, to create competitive advantage.

These standards have also been adopted by market regulators, who ensure business security and data protection. They are given in the Personal Data Protection Act, recommendations and guidelines of the Financial Supervision Commission, the regulations for payment organizations and more recently the new GDPR regulations on the protection of personal data.

How do we support our customers?

IMMUSEC experts will make the implementation of  requirement compliance go smoothly and bring tangible results. Our specialists:


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