Problems and challenges

I want to take part in digital transformation and benefit from information technology in secure manner

Technology is becoming a key determinant of business success. Skillfully applied digital transformation becomes a source of competitive advantage. What are the accompanying phenomena?

  1. Migration to cloud – Increased demand for deployment of new features in cloud computing. According to an analyst firm, global business spending on cloud computing in 2020 will rise to $216 bln. This is because of the increased flexibility, instant availability of business digital assets, and cost savings made due to payments made only for actually used resources.
  2. Mobile – data is moving not only to the cloud, but also to mobile devices. Using them greatly facilitates not only our work, but also our private lives. The smartphone is currently the most popular device of choice, where we collect a lot of sensitive data.
  3. E-commerce – traditional traders decide to expand their business by selling via the Internet, reaching new customer groups, and increasing revenue.
  4. Big data – all the above elements of digital transformation and social media contribute to data growth on an unimaginable scale. The amount of data on the Internet is currently growing by 30 GB per second – 20 years ago it was the entire Internet. Companies are increasingly more eager to use external data stored in Data Management Platforms and use them in their own CRM, BI, or ERP systems. Using big date helps improve customer experience, personalize service, and develop products.

Do we know where the threat lies?

Transactions of our private and business lives, which are transferred to the IT world, are also followed by criminals. 30 minutes – it is all it takes a hacker to prepare a callback type malware, i.e. open the gate to an unprotected computer or another device with Internet access ( e.g. a smartphone). Commonly available software is sufficient for this type of hacking. For those who do not have the time and knowledge, hackers offer their services with quality guarantee, with fees starting from tens of dollars.

Online privacy and security

Internet users expect confidentiality in the digital world. They want privacy of communication and are afraid of providers using their information without their consent. Providing users with e-privacy is required by law (the GDPR Act), but – more importantly – it becomes a distinguishing feature of companies operating in the service sector and builds their competitive edge.

Digital transformation opens a door of new business opportunities, but it is also a huge challenge. Businesses are rebuilding their IT strategies and the role of their IT teams which has evolved from technology management to secure data management. IMMUSEC experts will help you make and implement any ambitious plans you have:


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