Managed security

Computer forensics - securing the digital evidences

The benefits

The human factor is often the weakest link in IT security systems of companies and institutions. Security vulnerabilities resulting from human errors or weaknesses can result in massive losses for the institution concerned. Computer forensics experts can get to the bottom of your problem and identify the facts that led to your company losing resources due to human error. Our experts will find evidence of fraud or crime, examine it, present it and prepare it for court trial proceedings. They can also retrieve deleted or hidden data.

Our partners receive professional support and dedicated solutions, custom-tailored to their business specific needs. We will assist you right from the moment of securing evidence to when our findings are presented in a specialist computer forensics report.

How does it work?

We guarantee comprehensive support of our team of computer security and forensics.

We can help you:

Who is it for?

It is for all business people and IT teams who want to use the experience and best practices of computer forensics in alleged data theft, personnel disloyalty, fraud and hacker attacks.


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