Social engineering tests

The benefits

Most hacker attacks go for a human, not machine, error. Social engineering tests reveal the vulnerabilities of organizations resulting from human weaknesses and ignorance – such as phishing or ransomware vulnerabilities.

Social engineering test results indicate vulnerabilities and potential threats in the area of human resources and allow you to prepare a corrective action that can greatly reduce the number of attacks or risky incidents.

How does it work?

Social engineering tests rely on safety assessment using non-technical methods. During the social engineering tests, a variety of tools are used, ranging from specially prepared e-mails and data media, through profiled internet campaigns, to phone and personal attacks.

Who is it for?

Social engineering is essential for assessing the level of security awareness wherever people are involved in information processing. Instead of industry-based distinction, the value of processed information or the cost of lacking access to information is used, such as ransomware attack – encrypting data on computers and in the local area network.


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