Implementation of security policies and industry requirements

The benefits

Companies and institutions whose activities are governed by external standards or legal regulations require a holistic approach in designing solutions to protect their IT resources. Implementing the security policies and requirements in a way that is adequate to the risk and tailored to the specific character of the organization with the support of IMMUSEC experts will enable you:

How does it work?

IMMUSEC supports organizations in implementing the necessary security policies and adapting processes to legal or industry standards. We can support you throughout the whole implementation or in its selected elements. We divide the implementation of policies and safety requirements into the following stages:

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we recommend to our partners scalable, custom-tailored solutions that save time and reduce implementation costs.

Who is it for?

The implementation of security policies and requirements is geared towards:

We support our clients in implementing and maintaining compliance with the following standards and requirements:


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