Security audit and assessment of security adequacy

The benefits

Security audit and assessment of security adequacy allows to practically test the organization’s resilience to attempts to break security and data theft. During the audit we thoroughly check how resistant are devices, processes and the key asset of the company – its people.

How does it work?

Security audit and security adequacy assessment consist of test-attacks:

At the time of testing we become hackers – but we carry out attacks in a controlled way, accepted by the client. We use recognized IT security testing standards (e.g. OWASP ASVS, PCI DSS, ISECOM OSSTMM), specialized hardware, software, and customer-agreed test scenarios. Next, we provide management personnel with information about the vulnerabilities detected, related risks and recommended remedial actions.

Who is it for?

We recommend IT security audit and security adequacy assessment to all companies and organizations that want to know the critical locations in the information processing system and define areas where protection should be enhanced. In the age of digitization and e-commerce, almost every company active in the Internet is exposed to the risk of cyber attacks. The key to making an IT security audit decision is the value of the information processed or the cost of not having access to information, i.e. in case of ransomware attack – which encrypts data stored on computers and in the local area network.



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