Building security awareness

The benefits

Man is the weakest link in the security system. User-made errors make it easy for cybercriminals to carry out effective attacks. Implementing even the best security will not protect the organization if user is unaware of the safety rules.

Security awareness must be built at every level of the organization. It is a long-term process that brings results after months – but it results in a significant increase in safety.

How does it work?

The key to success in creating information protection processes is the appropriate engagement of management and employees, and building the awareness of the whole organization that security management is not a one-time operation that permanently enhances security, but a process that must continue over time, involve employees at every level of organization and has to be constantly improved.

IMMUSEC, while building a security awareness program for the customer, takes into account the specific risks that exist for the sector in which the organization operates and the current attack directions and methods. The coherent program provides:

For whom?

Building security awareness is essential in every organization and at every level, wherever people take part in information processing. The key is not the industry in which the organization operates, but the value of the processed information or the alternative cost of lack of access to information, such as ransomware attack – encrypting data media on computers and local area networks.


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